Jonathon named one of the top 15 Open Source Leaders

Jonathon was named to the top 15 Open Source leaders list produced by eweek this week.  You can read the article and see the illustrious company that he keeps these days here.  The MySQL acquisition has been a big part of reminding people that Sun is a leader in the open source software movement.  After working on the first release of xVM Ops Center I have moved over to the Identity Management group at Sun and I am working as a Product Manager on Access Manager and Federation Manager.  One of the aspects of the job that really was exciting when I joined the team is that they do all of their development in the open via OpenSSO.  This makes things so much easier when discussing features and roadmaps with customers.  We can point to the project and say "go and try it".   We have had a number of companies contact us recently and as we have the discussion about when do you want to start the POC they respond with "we have already downloaded and evaluated the software.  How do we get support?". 

By the way, if you haven’t seen Daniel’s blog recently then you should check it out.  The FedLet is coming and it sounds like it is going to revolutionize the way people think about access and federation management.

Lastly, I am a space geek and I came across another blogger at Sun who has some great pictures of the recent Discovery Shuttle processing and launch.  Thanks Dan for putting these up for people to see.  I am probably going to go and see a missile launch at Vandenberg with my son in May.  If anyone knows the best spot to see the launch from please let me know?

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