Retail Video as Video Intelligence – T-Mobile on Intelligent Video from 3VR

Most retail stores today have a video security system. Go into anyone of the many stores you frequent today and take a look around at the ceilings, rafters or throughout the store. Most organizations do a good job of using those systems today to manage one aspect of their business: Security. We are seeing more and more of this footage show-up on nightly news footage as it is used to get the public involved in solving crimes or illustrating how they have contributed to solving crimes faster. Speed is critical to our world today and video intelligence systems are helping businesses and police organizations solve crime faster.

However, like most technology, organizations can use their investment to do so much more! 3VR is helping revolutionize the video security space by helping organizations analyze valuable business intelligence from their video security system. Watch this video to gain a small insight into how we are doing this for major retail organizations.

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