Top Security Podcast’s for 2011

Starting the new year off right for me meant thinking about some of the great ways to stay in tune with what is happening in the security market for enterprises. I am an audio learner and I spend a lot of time in the car so listening to podcasts is one of the most efficient ways for me to learn. I am also a big believer in sharing so I have listed the top 10 security podcasts.  This is not a definitive list but it does get you started.  If you have one’s that you think I should have mentioned, please feel free to share.

Podcast Title Podcast Description Location
Security Now TWIT One of the first podcasts on security that I started to listen. Steve Gibson does a great job of covering the latest news and threats but also going into the background education on DNS, Encryption. I encourage people to look through the archives especially if you are just getting started in this space Here
PaulDotCom Security Weekly A great podcast that goes deep technically. These guys share openly and cover a wide range of topics. However, for the younger members of the audience pool there are some topics that do deserve the EXPLICIT tag. Here
Network Security Podcast Great content that covers what is happening in the overall security space. Although the title suggest traditional network layer security they cover a number of larger security issues. Here
Social Media Security Podcast An emerging area of security that has been right on topic during the last year with the changes at Facebook and vulnerabilities. Here
Securabit The last episode was great with an interview with Jack Jones from Risk Management Insight sharing how to develop quantitative methods to measure frequency and magnitude of loss. This was great for those of us in the security industry that have to communicate the business value of security. Here
Security Wire Weekly A security podcast run by the tech target network. They review major topics happening in the industry. This includes interviews with industry luminaries. Here
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