Burton Insights @ Gartner IAM Focus on Federation

Gartner IAM, Nov. 15-17 in San Diego, is quickly approaching and as a result a great email hit my inbox today that I thought I would share with you about the upcoming summit.  Gartner is launching a new section in the summit that showcases the talent and experience it acquired from Burton earlier this year.  This new section is call Burton Insights and is geared towards the following in Bob’s Q&A session:

Catalyst Insights sessions specialize in practical, actionable advice you can take back to the office and start implementing right away. In the track’s five sessions, we’ll focus on an important shift we’ve seen in privacy and identity over the last year of so, mainly in identity management (IdM) architecture.

Federation has taken on new focus as Cloud computing, business process outsourcing, and the focus on this new section in Gartner IAM.  The architecture component will cover virtual directories, federation and this “Pull” approach has interesting and efficient ways to help organizations solve the challenging business problems presented by cloud computing.

This is especially critical when you consider that most organizations have lost resources both in personnel and budget.  This means that organizations have to minimize code changes and use tools to expose valuable identity data and share that securely with the firms they outsource services to in the cloud.  Oracle Identity Federation allows organizations to federate with the service providers using out of the box connectors to Salesforce and Google.  Additionally, it has incorporated innovations like the Fedlet from the Oracle OpenSSO project.

Mark Wilcox and Sophia Maler both share their insights into this new technology in the latest Oracle Security Inside Out Newsletter.  You can see the article here.  If you want to sign up for future newsletter articles go here.  Lastly, we hope to see you all at Gartner IAM, November 15-17 in San Diego.

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