Gartner IAM, Nov. 9-11: Identity Management Isn’t Hard

Next week, Nov. 9-11, the Identity Management Team travels down to Gartner Identity Access Management conference to showcase two of our latest releases DSEE 7 and Role Manager 5.  Gartner IAM is a great event because it not only gather’s together experienced practitioners in the identity management space but has a number of events that are small enough that you can have quality conversations about real problems.  Last year, Verizon presented at this conference on the Directory and OpenSSO implementation that serves 50M users.  The presentation is a great example of the proven expertise that Sun brings to Identity Management and the proven extranet scale our products can support—not a marketing benchmark.

Our team has taken a different approach to this even this year and we are participating in Gartner’s Learning Lab’s.  Vendors, customer’s and identity specialists are encouraged to come-by in a classroom style and learn about specific problem’s Sun’s product, partner’s and customer’s are using to solve their identity business problems.  This is crucial today as the cost of failure or doing nothing rises exponentially.  The best way to ensure success is to learn from real-world implementations not marketing based slideware presentations.  This is why we have assembled not just the product teams but partners and real customer’s to share their experience in these "learning labs".

The other great thing about Gartner IAM is that there are usually a few different ways to combine great industry expertise and a little fun.  On Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 9:00pm you can meet the Sun Identity team at the Hard Rock Rooftop bar for drinks and conversation.  The first 50 people get a wristband for free drinks.  Identity management isn’t hard so come to the Hard Rock to find out how to make it easy! 

Gartner IAM Sun Schedule

Monday, Nov 9th

Learning Lab:

12:40 – 1:05pm “Increase Speed &
Performance while reducing TCO with Sun Directory Server Enterprise
Edition” Speaker: Nick Wooler, Sr Product
Manager – Sun Microsystems

1:05 – 1:30pm “Changing the Rules of
the game; Raising the bar with Rule Life-cycle Management and
closed-loop remediation” Speaker: Neil Gandhi, Sr Product
Manager – Sun Microsystems

1:35 – 2:00pm "IAM Governance,
Risk and Compliance — the future of IAM", Speaker: Sachin Nayyar, President –

2:05 – 2:30pm "Enterprise Single
Sign On for Sun Identity Management", Speaker: Stephane Fymat, VP of Strategy
and Product Management – Passlogix

Sun Booth:

12:30 – 2:30pm Daniel Raskin showcasing

12:30 – 2:30pm Mat Hamlin showcasing Identity

Tuesday, Nov 10th

Learning Lab:

12:10 – 12:35pm “Role based user
provisioning; using business roles for identity life-cycle management
and identity auditing”, Speaker: Mat Hamlin, Sr Product
Manager, Sun Microsystems

12:35 – 1:00pm “Three tough
challenges, one powerful solution: OpenSSO for web access management,
federation and Web services security”, Speaker: Daniel Raskin, Chief Identity
Strategist – Sun Microsystems

1:05 – 1:30pm "Privileged
Identity Risk Management: Mitigating the Insider Threat", Speaker: Richard Weeks, VP of Channels
and Business Development, Cyber-Ark

1:35 – 2:00pm "The WHO behind the
WHAT: Arcot Authentication and Sun OpenSSO Enterprise "  Speaker: R ‘Doc’ Vaidhyanathan, Chief
Product Officer – Arcot

Sun Booth:

12:00 – 2:00pm Nick Wooler, showcasing DSEE

12:00 – 2:00pm Neil Ghandi, showcasing Role

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