Sun Extends Leadership and Drives Innovation in Directory Services and Access Management with New Offerings

This is going to be a fun week for three simple reasons.  One, we are releasing the next version of the OpenDS SE product this week continuing to prove that Sun is an innovation company.  Two, Burton Catalyst is this week in San Diego and the Identity Management team will be there to listen, learn and evangelize.   Three, the US Water Polo team enters the medal round of the FINA World Championships.

First, the latest release of OpenDS contains three innovations that are important to customers that need a high performance directory server in their identity architecture.  Identity architecture’s are evolving.  The traditional arguments of choose a directory purely because of it’s read performance will not suffice as identity data is being updated by multiple applications to meet security and policy requirements.  This does not mean that read performance and stability are still the critical requirement it just means that the pendulum is swinging to include more read performance.  This is why we are excited about the early performance testing results that we are seeing in OpenDS with 14,000 writes per second.  Here is a link to some other performance testing data on the Nehalem platform for those of you that like to get into the weeds.

Second,  Burton Catalyst is happening this week in San Diego.  This conference is always a favorite as they do a great job of attracting real identity and security practitioners in one location.  This allows for a real exchange and learning experience for all of us that that want to move identity security forward.  If you haven’t done so already and want to attend here is the information.

Lastly,  the US Water Polo team made it out of the preliminary round into the elimination round and will play on Tuesday at 21:00 CET.  This will be at 12:00pm PT.  I have been watching the games I can and the highlights on  This is where the internet shines and changes the world.  It is so powerful that those of us that support sports like water polo, swimming, etc can not consume the content we want via sites like NBC Universal when traditionally the mainstream media could not afford to distribute this content.  The internet has provided that low cost channel.  Sun Microsystems helped provide the technical platform for NBC Universal during the Olympics and it was a huge success.  I am not sure if Sun is helping with the FINA World Championships but I am still supporting the site.  I hope you will as well.

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One Response to Sun Extends Leadership and Drives Innovation in Directory Services and Access Management with New Offerings

  1. Great news Nick. Gluu uses OpenDS to store both OpenDS configuration, and to persist user data. In addition to performance, OpenDS has been a fantastic LDAP server from a development perspective, because of portability, stricter enforcement of LDAP RFCs, ease of configuration and installation, and many more reasons. We’ll be demoing Gluu at the Radiant Logic hospitality suite. Stop by to say hello if you want to see how Gluu is progressing.

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