Pimping For Directory. Can your directory server do this?

David Kearns recently wrote an article for Network World called "Pimp my directory" so when Matt Swift wrote me about some interesting results from OpenDS Performance Testing, I could not resist borrowing the title to show what we are doing at Sun to innovate in OpenDS.  Now before I go to far into the detail I will offer the following disclaimer that the data being represented here are results from preliminary performance testing on OpenDS.  It is indicative of true performance and we are proud of these early results but we also are doing more formal performance testing, like we always do at Sun, to ensure these are more than just marketing benchmarks.   

Matt Swift and the OpenDS team deserve a lot of credit for thier great work because they are radically reducing the total cost of ownership for running a directory server.  Here are some of the latest statistics.  I will let Matt explain the gory detail on his blog but the bottom line is that with a 10M user test on a X4150 with 8CPU’s and basic internal disks the team was able to perform between 12,000 and 14,000 modifications per second.  Yes…..Modifications!!!  Imagine what this would look like on SSD’s.  Watch this space as we pimp our directory.

Lastly, this is just a small example of why Sun Open Source is the best in the industry for enterprises that need commercial grade software.  The unit testing and performance testing our teams do before we release a milestone or commercial version is the best in the industry.  Every day we put our reputation on the line as we expose builds for people to use in production environments.  Each daily build of OpenDS has 10M user test performed against it.  Each Milestone build has a 30M user performance test run to ensure data centers have telco grade software to run in their environments. 

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