Directory Experts Speak at European Identity Conference

Ludo Poitou and Mark Craig from Sun Microsystems will be a part of two illustrious panels at the European Identity Conference today.  Ludo will be a part of the panel talking about the Identity Bus which is a topic that Felix Gaethens, Kim Cameron, and David Kearns talked about last year.  The discussion should be interesting becasue Sun has some of the products necessary to create the "identity bus" today through OpenDS, DSEE, Virtual Directory, OpenSSO, Identity Manager Connectors, and Netbeans,  You don’t need all of these to create the bus but a standards based way of storiing and accessing identities and then leveraging them via other applications or into the cloud are all possible using the tools at Sun.

Mark Craig will be joining Oracle, Radiant Logic and Symlabs in talking about Virtual Directories and their importance to Directory Services.  Sun includes it’s virtual directory features as a part of it’s core product and license so all customers who use DSEE 6.3 today have a virtual directory already as a part of their license.  Mark will be explaining how customers are using Virtual Directory to do data center consolidation, simplify mergers and acquisitions, and federate faster using Sun’s Virtual Directory.

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