Are you a Directory Hero? We want to know

Are you a Directory Hero?  We want to know.  In the last three months I have heard from several of you via the IRC chat on at identity conferences or at user groups around the world about the great projects that leverage the innovations from the OpenDS community.  We have been able to share a few of the great stories via the blogs story site.  Everyone learns from hearing about the ways in which you are using LDAP in your organization.  It is this sharing in the open that makes being a part of an Open Source Software project exciting and a great learning experience. I am reminded of a truism "Share comes before success".

Therefore, we are annoncing a new opportunity for you to share your stories with us at Sun.  If you have deployed OpenDS and are using it please send us a story at the following email address.  Here are some suggested questions that you can answer.  Alternatively, blog or create a video about your implementation and send us the link.  We want to show our appreciation for sharing so for the top 30 stories we receive we will send you a free t-shirt.  Please include an address in your submission. 

Here is what to do:

  1. Step 1:  Download the questionaire.
  2. Step 2:  Answer the questions that apply to your deployment
  3. Step 3:  Create blog or videocast and post somewhere
  4. Step 4:  Share:  Send us the link at the email address above and include questionaire, link to your blog or video and an address for us to send the t-shirt.

Here is the suggested questionaire to guide you through what information the community would like to hear about your implementation.

Questions (Download here) and you don’t have to answer them all:

  1. Can you tell us more about your company ?
  2. Can you tell us about the application, site, or service in which you have adopted OpenDS?   [ Note: this is where you can hopefully get some publicity for your  own business or project.  So consider including any hyperlinks,  screenshots, etc. that you would like for us to use in that context.  Also, are you embedding OpenDS in your application?]
  3. How and when did you first find out about OpenDS?
  4. Did you go through an evaluation process before selecting OpenDS? If so, can you tell us a little bit about the process and results?
  5. What specific version of OpenDS are you using?
  6. On what operating system do you run OpenDS? Do you use the same OS for both development and production deployment?
  7. On what hardware platform do you run OpenDS? Do you use the same platform for both development and production deployment?
  8. Have you purchased a OpenDS license? If not, have you thought about doing so and do you know it includes access to patches and sustaining releases (more details from
  9. What specific features of OpenDS are you using?
  10. What do you like most about OpenDS?
  11. What would you most like to see improved in OpenDS?
  12. Does your application also use a database? If so, which one?
  13. Are there any figures about the scale of your adoption which you would like to share (such as how much traffic is being handled, how many entries are stored in OpenDS, how many servers are used)?
  14. How has OpenDS performed since your application/service went live? Have you run into any production issues which you would attribute to OpenDS?
  15. Would you recommend OpenDS to others? Why?
  16. How does OpenDS figure in your future plans?
  17. How would your describe your participation in the OpenDS project (e.g. user only, submitter of bug reports and RFEs, developer who has contributed code)?
  18. Is there anything else you think would be of interest in a story about your OpenDS adoption?

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