OpenSSO and Directory Server: Verizon Wireless 75 Million Users Enabled

One of the great things about being the Product Line Manager for Directory Server at Sun is I get to work with great people like Daniel Raskin, Senior Product Line Manager for OpenSSO,  and customers like Damodaram Bashyam, Directory of IT, at Verizon Wireless.  Daniel wrote a great blog today posting the slides and video recording of a recent presentation where I had the great pleasure of introducing Damodaram at Gartner IAM in Orlando last Fall.  The video below from Daniel’s blog allows us all to hear about his deployment of OpenSSO and Directory Server.   It is an example of the great content that is presented at Gartner and we hope you will join us for the next Gartner conference in London on March 23-26.  

It is a powerful example of the talented engineers we have at Sun and the results of good partnerships with customers like Verizon.  Scalability and high availability are a part of our DNA at Sun and as you can see from the video and Damodaram’s presentation we believe live case studies prove the value of our product better than any controlled benchmark.  Watch and listen:

Here is a quick overview of the performance statistics from the presentation.  Download it here

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