What do OpenDS and CODVaR.net have in common?

Developing great software requires a clear understanding of customer requirements.  One critical advantage of open source software development is that you can have an ongoing and open conversation with your customers.  This is one of several reasons why we maintain an IRC chat room for OpenDS.  It not only provides valuable access to engineers and support team members for the community but it also provides a channel for communication.  

Today, I was in the OpenDS room and I met Dominic an OpenDS customer who was looking for help in deploying OpenDS into production for his product called CDOVaR.netLudo, who is the community manager, was able to help Dominic and during the conversation Dominic shared some news about how he is using OpenDS in production to provide a directory service to his customer facing service.  

CDOVaR.net is a structured credit pricing and risk platform built upon
industry leading pricing models, market data and reference data.  The company provides financial insitutions three basic services:  CDOVaR.net Pricing (Provides automatic daily pricing harnessing market leading credit analytics bencharked with consensus market levels and broker quotes), CDOVaR.net Risk (Provides a flexible risk summary based on entity level sensitivies including PV01 and Jump-to-Default Risk) and CDOVaR.net Capital (calculates capital requirements based on comprehensive credit spread and correlation skew scenarios).

As this story evolves,  I look forward to bring you more data.  Good luck to Dominic and CDOVaR.net.

Lastly, if you want to see how easy it is to install OpenDS check out this video I created and blogged about earlier this week.


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