Register to see Mr. Winky, The IdentiCat, Introduce OpenSSO Enterprise 8 in SecondLife

I have been reading Daniel Raskin, aka The Smoking Monkey (Ask Mr. Cote why), Pat Patterson and Mr. Dixon’s posts recently and I thought that things were getting very interesting in the Identity space at Sun.  The phenomenon of the IdentiCat has caused interesting questions to be raised about the role of identity as related to the Yeti, BigFoot and now the IdentiCat.  I saw this offer to register for a presentation in SecondLife.  I am going to be there to find out what this is all about.

Mr. Winky, The IdentiCat will be giving an overview of OpenSSO Enterprise 8 in SecondLife on September, 30 at 8:00am PST.  You can register the for the presentation here.  

The IdentiCat is rumored to outnumber the Yeti and BigFoot throughout the world.  It is just not as big or is commonly confused with Tigger (Image to the Right provided by Disney) or Tony the Tiger.  As a result there is not as much press that is generated because sightings often result in "back away from the sugar cereal" comments.  It has even resulted in some people wanting to ban or limit the use of sugar cereals by children lest they start to proclaim they had actualy seen an IdentiCat.

The real IdentiCat has come out to set the record straight.  It is refreshing that we are able to get the truth about this confusion and be able to see the true IdentiCat.  At the same time it is fitting to have Mr. Winky explain what great features will be available in the OpenSSO Enterprise 8 release.  The juxtaposition of identity protection and revealing the IdentiCat now that he is ready to reveal himself attests to the security capabilities of OpenSSO Enteprise 8.  I hope to see you all in SecondLife.

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