15 Minute Rule and OpenSSO

Marten Mickos talks frequently about a 15 minute rule at MySQL which refers to
their rule that customers should be able to download, install and start
using within 15 minutes.  This is a model built for developers that
live on the web whether at work or in their every day life.    OpenSSO has focused on improving it’s user experience and we are excited about a number of the workflows that have been developed that make Federating much easier.  However, I was on a recent call with a very big customer and I was talking about OpenSSO and how to participate in our Early Access program  (I will blog later this week about the EA program but watch this page).  As I was talking, the customer piped in, "I just downloaded and installed while you were talking and will start evaluting the upgrade documentation."  I have blogged in the past that we have tried to make the product easy and effective to install within 15 minutes.  I had some empiracle and positive feedback that I wanted to share.  Download and try installing for yourself and let me know if you can do it in 15 minutes.

Download at OpenSSO.org here
Installation instructions are here

 Also, Sidharth Mishra, who is a great colleague of mine, has put together a great summary installation guide on Glassfish.  You can read it here.

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