Tired Of Managing Agents?

Tired of managing agents in your infrastructure?  OpenSSO provides a great way to reduce the number of agents that you have to manage in your application infrastructure.  Aravindan Ranganathan, a Technical Architect on the Sun team, wrote a great article on how to use the Identity Services that are available in OpenSSO to include security in your applications.  This article focuses on Single-Sign-On and Sign-Out but this the fourth in the series focused on Identity Services.  You can look at the other articles here:

The article goes into great technical depth on how to do the following:

Identity Services are important in a number of ways for customers looking for a Web Access Management solution.  They not only allow you to build security into applications or reduce the number of agents they have to manage.  The identity services also allow customers an architecture for better integration into their application architecture giving them ultimately more choice.  When you create enterprise software you have to design for a number of different environments.  The ability to access these services gives customers the maximum amount of choice and a choice leads to lower costs and higher value.

Lastly, I wanted to thank Marina Sum and her team for these great articles on OpenSSO.  The content and technical detail are valuable to the community.

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