OpenDS 1.0 Embedded in OpenSSO Express

And the fun continues!  OpenDS announced this week the launch of
OpenDS 1.0.  I was speaking with Kevin LeMay who gave me a quick run
down on what OpenDS SE 1.0 is.  He said "Sun OpenDS SE 1.0 is a
high-performance, highly-extensible, pure Java directory server that
delivers a fully compliant LDAPv3 server that passes all of the
compliance, interoperability and security tests suites. Furthermore,
Sun OpenDS SE 1.0 implements most of the standard and experimental LDAP
extensions defined in the IETF as RFCs or Internet-Drafts, ensuring
maximum interoperability with LDAP client applications."  You can get
more information here on OpenDS SE 1.0

matters as product teams have struggled with how to embed configuration
information or policy stores for products that need to manage identity
information.  OpenSSO embed’s the community version of OpenDS for exactly this purpose.  Not
only is it 100% Java but it is very performant and standards based. 
OpenSSO uses OpenDS to manage configuration data under the covers it
also allows developers installing for evaluation purposes or to get a
quick POC up and running to use it for an identity store (not an
architecture we support in production).  However, it gives developers
and customer’s options which is what Open Source is all about.  

You can get in-depth information about the architecture of OpenSSO here.  In this document, where it refers to the configuration store, we are referring to OpenDS.

Also, as I was researching this piece I found this interesting post at the JBoss Portal Wiki
It describes the installation and coniguration steps for their portal
using OpenDS as the directory and OpenSSO as the Web Access Management
solution.  Looks interesting but I have not tried it myself.

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