Single Sign-On Summit: First Day Recap

The OpenSSO team are in Keystone, CO this week for the first annual SingleSign-On Summit.  The event is very focused on the issues of Single-Sign-On and Federation.  There are approximately 110 attendees so very intimate which has resulted in a number of very good conversations.  The agenda was very well organized and started with a historical overview of the last 20  years in the industry issues associated with Single-Sign-On.  Andrew Cameron, gave a rivetting overview of the keys to getting executive buy-in during SSO and Federation project.  The day ended with small group sessions with some lively convesations about what is going on in Europe with identity cards and how government portals are using that to provide Single-Sign-On accross a number of government entities.  A good example of this is the work that Sun did with  A case study on this can be found here

The day ended with a tremendous dinner at the Ranch where we were able to continue some of the great conversations about the challenges and success characteristics of federation and SSO implementations.  One, customer that was at the event shared the challenges they had in integrating a number of service providers globally with very diverse IT capabilities.  The Fedlet was a great piece of technology that could have helped.  Additionally, a discussing insued between this customer and Covisint whose identity services provides small service providers a platform to connect to as an intermidiary to the big enterprise. 

Pictures to come.

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