OpenSSO Express: Start your Federation project today with support from Sun

Today Sun announced the availability of OpenSSO Express.  OpenSSO Express allows any customer with an existing license and support contract to Java ES, Identity Management Suite, Access Manager or Federation Manager to get also get support from Sun for OpenSSO Express.  This is game changing as it allows customer’s to use the latest innovations from the OpenSSO community while knowing that they have a company with the global reach and support from Sun behind their efforts.  I will borrow a line from Jonathon Schwartz and Rich Green in an article in eweek earlier this year.  Companies that have more time than money can still get OpenSSO for free and use it with support from the community.  However, companies that have more money than time can look to Sun to provide support and allow them to focus on the innovations that differentiate their products or business in the market.  

You can read more about the announcement here.

You can download the software here.

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