Salesforce Supports SAML–Standards Matter announced recently that they will support SAML in their product.  You can read their blog post here.  This is great news for companies that have a Web Access Management solution like OpenSSO that has comprehensive support of the SAML standards.  As more companies use companies like to provide critical CRM functionality for their enterprise (Fortune 500 or SMB’s) they can leverage their Single-Sign-On infrastructure to appropriately.  Why does this matter?

This announcement is important because it allows an enterprise to provide Single-Sign-On with important vendors like  It also allows enterprises to control which attributes it passes to these important vendors without sending their username or password via the internet to the partner.  This allows the enterprise to remain agile and pick vendors that provide competitive advantages like in the case of Saleforce or SugarCRM.  Most importantly, as relationships change more quickly this standards approach make changing and switching vendors when necessary for business reasons easier.  This allows IT to be an enabler of strategic relationships rather than a blocker in the enterprise. 

Standards matter!

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