SDN Get’s Facelift

Check out the new facelift for the SDN Channel at Sun.  It has some great new features and uses the Roller as part of the infrastructure to get new interactive blog features for users.  Here is what was broadcast to us at Sun about the new release:

You will notice the same great content, but with a sleek new look and easier navigation!

The SDN Channel is the "one stop shop" for all developer multimedia and is now organized into 4 distinct shows:

* Developer TV –  A 5 – 7 minute vodcast with technical overview of the latest developer news and trends.  This show features technology discussions with industry experts and developers.  Learn about emerging technologies and how they are being used.

• Tech Deep Dives – The "How To" show.  This is a 20 minute vodcast with in-depth technical interviews with experts.  It includes detailed technology demonstrations and the hands-on development experience.

• SDN on the Road –  This informal audiocast includes interviews capturing highlights from industry tech events and conferences.  Hear first-hand from industry luminaries, presenters and attendees.  Find out what developers are saying and how they are using the latest technology.

• CampusCast  – This popular audio podcast series features interviews with Campus Ambassadors worldwide.  Hear straight from students about the latest technology trends and research projects that are happening across universities and college campuses!

In addition, The SDN Channel now has a new "What’s Hot" section and "Show Guide" providing easier navigation through the SDN Channel multimedia library.

By building new templates and incorporating the latest features, we were able to maximize Roller technology and deliver a very stable, state of the art, dynamic blog that will scale.

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