Identity Interoperability Is Important

I always wanted to create a tongue twister so there you have it.  Identity Interoperability Is Important.  Computer, the magazine, is seeking articles for their April 2009 issue on interoperable identity-management system.  I wonder if they will get an article from Sun.  Kenji Takahashi, submitted the request to the Concordia project mailing list.  If you are not already signed up to recieve the emails or are not part of the team please sign-up here.

Call for articles for Computer
Computer seeks articles for an April 2009 theme issue on interoperable
identity-management systems.

Today, broadband access contributes to the sustained development of
service-oriented economies. Opportunistic, automated transactions
require accurate and trustworthy exchange of information about the
parties, while personal information is used to
commit to legally binding transactions and to permit customized service
offerings. The use of personally identifiable attributes constituting
digital identity is becoming an integral part of B2B and B2C processes
and of many online social activities.

The guest editors solicit papers that address practical concerns,
explore leading-edge engineering advances, envision shifts in computing
paradigms in the area of interoperable IdM systems, and investigate
expected social impacts.

[Submission Due]

Paper submissions are due by 15 September.

[Submission Instructions]
Complete submission instructions are available at


Direct inquiries to guest editors:
Piotr Pacyna,
Anthony Rutkowski,
Amardeo Sarma,
Kenji Takahashi,

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