Performance and Scalability on FAM/OpenSSO Wiki

Who knew?  Who knew that FAM could support approximately 50,000 concurrent login’s per site.  We had a call with a customer today that asked about the performance and scalability capabilities of the current Access Manager 7.1 product.  We are in the midst of doing performance and scalability testing for the current OpenSSO product so stay tuned for those results.  We were able to point the customer to a number of documents that describe tuning that customers can do to maximize performance of the product.  You can find that documentation here.  

 Who Knew?  Who knew that OpenSSO and FAM 8.0 have started a wiki to collect and disseminate some of the new information that is being delivered via our new wiki here.  You can get the following types of assets at this wiki: Videos, FAQ’s, Support Dashboards, Architecture Overview.

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