Java and Space Shuttle Endeavour

This is just a quick blog to illustrate how Java is helping us space enthusiasts track what is going on in space.  Here is a great group of websites that you can use to monitor real-time data about the shuttle mission and spaceflight in general.  If you look closely you will find this website that uses a Java applet to track the position of the ISS and Shuttle over earth.   However, if you are interested in trying to see the shuttle pass over your home or office location, you can find your location via another Java applet at this NASA website and it will calculate the time and direction you should look.  Additionally, it will also present certain solar variables that might impact your ability to see.


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One Response to Java and Space Shuttle Endeavour

  1. orcmid says:

    Hmm, I only see the left part of the image, without scaling, but if I access the .jpg directly I can see it all scaled to the page or full size with scroll bars.
    Must be one of those browser incompatibility things, you think?

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