The Final Frontier—thanks Mark Dixon

I follow a couple of blogs at Sun and Mark Dixon is one of the people that I get to read from time-to-time.  Today he has a blog entry that is fantastic.  I, like Mark, wanted to be an Astronaut.  I can remember reading about the Shuttle before it was launched on it’s first mission and building a clay model in fourth grade to share my enthusiasm with my classmates.  One of the great honors in my life was meeting an Astronaut in person on the sidelines of one of my kids soccer games (you never know who you are going to meet at a soccer game).

 These pictures are inspirational and I can’t wait to share them with my kids tonight.  Thanks Mark for sharing with all of us. 

Space Shuttle Photograph 

Take a look at all of the pictures here:

Here are some of my other favorite NASA and space related sites:

Mars Rover click here
Go see a launch of a real rocket in California at Vandenberg Air Force Base.  You can get information about these events or how to take a tour of the base and operations here


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