15 Minute Rule for MySQL

Last week you may have heard that Sun finalized the acquisition of MySQL which is a great day for Sun, MySQL and OpenSource.  There are three reasons why this is a great move for Sun.  One, we add another great Open Source brand to Sun’s great portfolio of software products (JAVA, Solaris, MySQL, Glassfish, FAM, xVM, etc.).  Two, we add a great database to our portfolio and ultimately broaden the choice for our customers.  Third, we give developers even more reason to use Sun as their infrastructure of choice for the innovative applications they are building for customers today.

Most of all you got to love the 15 minute rule.  In this video Marten Mickos refers to the 15 minute rule at MySQL which refers to their rule that customers should be able to download, install and start using within 15 minutes.  This is a model built for developers that live on the web whether at work or in their every day life. 

I work on the Federated Access Management team software team and we believe that the user experience of enterprise software is critical to customer’s success.  Customer’s need to be able to download, install, configure and deploy software quickly so that they can get to value quickly.  This is in the core of our DNA and it is what we believe will help differentiate our product  line in the future.   Another example of how the MySQL acquisition is about marrying companies with similar DNA and cultures.    Go to OpenSSO and you can start to see some of the workflows and user experience improvements that we have put into the product.  We will have to run a test and see if this marketing guy can perform against the 15 minute rule.

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One Response to 15 Minute Rule for MySQL

  1. Eric says:

    I’ve tried to install MySQL within 15 minutes but i didn’t succeed! If you want a proper installation, you need to reserve like 30 minutes to do it right (imho).

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