Kim Cameron, the Economist and Identity

Kim Cameron provided a link recently to a great article by the Economist.  The Economist in February reviewed how government;s were creating portals and using identity based software to aggregate services for citizens.  You can get the article here.   This is a trend that is happening not only in Europe (here is a great case study on which used Federated Access Management to deliver SSO across all the government service providers while giving citizens choice) but also in the United States  as governments try to provide more efficient services to an increasing online electorate.  This has some great benefits, here are a couple to name a few: better information for health care providers, reduced cost and more eco-friendly government by reducing paper distributed information for citizens, reduce cost by getting better identity information on citizens (e.g. wrong address information results in government communication and postage costs to deliver mail to wrong location).  However, despite many other benefits the fact that the government is holding more and more information about citizens causes some citizens to grow concerned.  This article provides some insights into those issues but also on how much more work still needs to be done to leverage and protect identity for customers and governments.

 Nice work by the Economist.  Read the article here


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