FamFest08 Using Agile to create Demo’s

This week has been a lot of fun.  I spent the week in Las Vegas with a great team of Sales Engineers, Software Engineers from Federation Access Manager and our product marketing team.  The goal of the event was to create three customer focused demo’s to illustrate how Federation Access Manager can be used by our customers.  I recently moved from the xVM Ops Center team to the Access Manager product marketing team so this was my first opportunity to meet the extended team.  What a talented team.

Terry did a great job of preparing the team for the event by holding several meetings prior to arriving in Las Vegas.  The team worked on developing high-level use cases.  Once in Vegas the team gelled quickly getting to work using agile processes and programming methods to get something tangible to demo via the first day.  I have attended other events with similar objectives and they have not been as productive.  What was really impressive was the hand on nature and knowledge sharing that occurred between the three critical constituencies. The team did blow off some steam at ESPN Zone and Jay-z’s new club 40/40.  Everyone left thinking "I wish I could have one of those screens for my superbowl party". 

As Pat Patterson pointed out in his blog earlier in the week here, a number of the team already blog so you can get access to the latest mindshare of the team. 

Lastly, if you are interested in hearing an interesting review of Ping Identity Daniel Raskin was able to put together a great podcast with Ping himself. 

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