Jonathon wrote a great blog this morning that provided a powerful summary of the big news at Sun this week.  The big news is that we are changing our stock symbol on the NASDAQ on Monday, Aug. 27.  We will be using JAVA instead of SUNW.  This is a great move because it reinforces the brand of one of Sun’s greatest assets Java

The power of the network as the computer is more appropriate today as it has ever been!  Google and Sun also announced that it will be including OpenOffice in it’s Google Pack.   We use OpenOffice on a daily basis at Sun.  It has great features and capabilities to improve productivity at home, in the office and in the classroom.  The power of Google’s reach and collaboration tools in Google Docs & Spreadsheets (find out what you can do here) I can instantly collaborate with my colleagues using the network, export to OpenOffice and create pdf’s for distribution to anyone I choose.

Lastly, Sun has a very powerful update and provisioning tool to improve systems management in the data center, Sun Connection. Not only is it the best tool in the market to keep your Solaris system updated but it also provides a powerful tool for customers who manage Linux in their environment as well.  Sun Connection provides support for RedHat, SuSE and zLinux as well.  A System Administrator in an enterprise that is managing profiles for multiple Operating Systems can have one tool to manage their systems. As soccer season quickly approaches, tell your daughter you will be at her game because you have the piece of mind that all of your systems are up to date.


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