Twiterrific—-I have been experimenting with Twitter .  I like Daniel am still trying to figure out where the value is in the tool.  Oren was the first to introduce the tool but Michael Cote had the best twitter when he reported seeing a man walking a cat on a leash……ponder for a second.<!–

First, Twitter does a great job of using blogs to tell us aobut their product and the neat features that users, entrepeneurs are creating in mashups globally.  Check it out for yourself here but for those that want the highlights here are just a few to feast your eyes on:<!–>

  •  Twittervision is a great mashup using google maps and the latest twitters from around the globe.  At first glance there seems to be a high degree of correlation between countries that text and those that Twitter.  <!–
  • Twitter911  yes in the age of school shootings, terrorism, and cell phones the ability to integrate location specific devices and messaging could have great social benefits in directing emergency services to the greatest need.<!–>
  • TwitterRedSoxBroadcast  Daniel will be upset to hear that his Yankees were not the first to use Twitter to bring the game to the masses.  This is definitely of great social benefit.<!–>

This is just a small window into the Twitter ecosystem but my friend Kevin Strohmeyer will shortly shed some light on when he get’s his blog up and running. 

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