JavaOne the Community and Curriki

If you can’t get excited about being in technology after the key note at JavaOne then something is wrong.  This year’s keynote was full of game changing announcements which can be viewed at the JavaOne  website.  More to say on this topic later. 

Scott McNealey’s appearance on the stage provided one of the most interesting announcements of the morning.  He got up to tell us about how we as technology industry participants can join a community to help children all over the world learn through  Curriki . Curriki is a community driven education portal for teachers, parents and children that changes the paradigm of textbooks and learning across the world.  Education around the world today is still driven by textbooks which are costly and not easily updatable with new information.  Curriki provides users with the capability of adding to the continum of knowledge and giving teachers around the world the ability to download, view and disseminate that knowledge to their students.  This changes the economics of knowledge.

Other efforts have attempted to do this using the PC as the delivery mechanism.  This is still too expensive a model of connecting to the Network not only from acquisition but from power consumption.  Curriki allows teachers to download in a printable format the textbooks and distribute and since this is user generated content there are no royalties to the textbook manufacturer’s.

Get Involved 

There are a number of ways to take action and get involved



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